3rd National Moot Court Competition 2024 Frontiers Welfare Society, in collaboration with MCGO Legal, Seth Associates & The Indian Conclave: Showcasing Legal Expertise
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Posted on   2023-12-05
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Frontiers Welfare Society, in collaboration with MCGO Legal, Seth Associates & The Indian Conclave, is organizing the 3rd National Moot Court Competition 2024. This captivating event offers a unique opportunity for law students to showcase their skills and enhance their expertise. In this article, we will delve into the details of the competition, including the team composition, eligibility criteria, registration process, key dates, and exciting prizes.

About Frontiers Welfare Society

Frontiers Welfare Society (FWS) is a pan-India legal NGO with over 1500+ members, including 700 students from the legal fraternity. Operating in 12 states with 140 campus ambassadors, FWS offers internships to law students, with over 2000 interns having completed their programs. The society's legal aid team has handled 40+ pro bono cases, making a significant impact on society. Collaborating with renowned personalities such as Lok Sabha Speaker Mr. Om Birla, FWS has successfully addressed concerns about the CLAT fee hike.

The Competition

The 3rd National Moot Court Competition, organized by Frontiers Welfare Society, is scheduled to take place from February 24th to 26th, 2024. The competition aims to foster a robust moot culture in the field of law by providing a platform for skilled law teams from across the country to engage in fair and just competition. Eminent personalities from the legal field, including Legal Associates, High Court Advocates, and Professors, will serve as Moot Court Judges, ensuring the utmost integrity of the competition.

Team Composition & Eligibility

Each participating team must consist of three members, with two designated speakers and one researcher. The designated speakers will not be allowed to change throughout the competition. Participation is open to undergraduate students of five/three years LLB programs from any recognized university, college, or institution. This inclusive approach ensures that talented law students from various educational backgrounds can participate and showcase their legal acumen.


The 3rd National Moot Court Competition will focus on Criminal Law. This theme provides an opportunity for participants to delve into the intricacies of criminal justice and explore different aspects of this crucial area of law.

Mode of Conduct

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