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·       Received assent from PRESDIENT on -25.12.1961.

·       Assent first published in Madhya Pradesh gazette 30.12.1961.

·       An act to provide for:

o   Regulation and control of letting and rent of accommodation.

o   To provide expeditious trial of eviction cases on ground of bonafide requirement of certain categories of landlord.

o   To regulate and control eviction of tenants from accommodations and for other matter connected therewith.

Total 6 CHAPTER, 51 sections

1.     Preliminary

2.     Provisions regarding rent

3.     Control of evictions of tenants.

3A. Eviction of tenant on ground of” Bonafide “ requirement

4.     Deposit of rent

5.     Appointment of rent controlling authorities, power, function and appeals

6.     Provision regarding special obligation of landlords and penalties.

7.     Miscellaneous

1.     Short title, extent and commencement.

1)     MP, Accommodation control act 1961.

2)     Extend to whole of MP.

3)     The act in first instance shall apply in areas specified in 1st schedule,

a.     Shall came into force in other areas- as state govt. may by notification specify.

4)     The provision of MP accommodation control act shall be applicable in specified areas.





2.     Definitions (a-i)

A.    Accommodation

B.    Landlord

C.    Lawful increase

D.    lease

E.     Member of family

F.     Rent controlling authority

G.    Repealed act

H.    Standard rent

I.      Tenant.

a.     Accommodation-

                        i.     Means building or part of building,

                       ii.     Whether residential or non-residential,

                     iii.     Any land but not used for agricultural purposes,

                     iv.     Garden, grounds, garages, out houses, appurtenant to such building or part of the building.

                       v.     Any fittings affixed to such building or part of a building for more beneficial enjoyment ,

                     vi.     Any furniture supplied by landlord for use in such building or part of building.

                   vii.     Following not included in accommodation

1.     Agricultural land

2.     Government’s school building

3.     Land used for agricultural purposes.

4.     Dal mill is not an accommodation within meaning of section 2 (A) held in case of Uttam Chand v. S.M. Lalwani.

b.     Landlord:

                        i.     Person entitled to receive the rent of any accommodation on his own account ,

                       ii.     or on account of on behalf of for the benefit of any other person as a trustee, guardian, receiver,

                     iii.     and includes every person not being a tenant who derives title under a landlord.

So if wife is the owner of the accommodation and the husband recovers rent from the tenant then landlord according to section 2(B) would be both husband and wife.


c.      Lawful increase- increase in rent permitted under section 8 of act and notice given as per section 9.

So, lawful increase means increase in rent permitted under the provisions of the act and NOT lawful increase in rent permitted by rent controlling authority.

d.     Lease – includes sub lease.

e.     Member of the family.

                        i.     Spouse,

                       ii.     Son, (but not grandson living separately)

                     iii.     Unmarried daughter, (not married daughter)

                     iv.     Father, Grandfather

                       v.     Mother, grandmother,

                     vi.     Brother ,unmarried sister,( sister son and daughter also is not member of the family)

                   vii.     Paternal uncle,

                 viii.     paternal uncle’s wife or widow,

                     ix.     Or brother’s son or unmarried daughter- living jointly with or any other relation dependent on him.

f.      Rent controlling authority-appointed under s. 28.

g.     Repealed act- means MP accommodation control act 1955, repealed under section 51.

h.     Standard rent- as referred in section 7 or when increased under section 8.

·       SR may be fixed by RCA.

i.       Tenant-

                        i.     On whose account or behalf the rent of any accommodation would be payable (for a contract express or implied).

                       ii.     Includes sub- tenant

                     iii.     And also any person continuing in possession after the termination of his tenancy,

                     iv.     But tenant does not mean any person against whom decree or order for eviction has been made.

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