Upcoming UP Judiciary Vacancy 2024: A Golden Opportunity for Aspiring Judges
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Upcoming UP Judiciary Vacancy 2024: A Golden Opportunity for Aspiring Judges

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The Uttar Pradesh Judicial Service is a prestigious platform that offers individuals the chance to serve justice to the common people. The upcoming UP Judiciary vacancy in 2024 presents a golden opportunity for those who aspire to make a difference in the legal field. 

UP PCS J Vacancy 2024

The year 2024 brings great news for aspiring judges, as the Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission (UPPSC) is expected to release the latest UP PCS J vacancy in the first week of February. According to official reports, there will be more than 1340 vacancies available this year. This significant number of vacancies is a result of the large backlog of court cases and the need for more judiciary aspirants to serve the people.

UP PCS J Vacancy 2023

Before we delve into the details of the upcoming vacancies, let's take a look at the UP PCS J vacancy for the year 2023. In 2023, a total of 303 vacancies were allocated for the UP Judiciary exam. The distribution of vacancies across different categories is as follows:

CategoryUP Judiciary Exam 2023 Vacancy

The vacancies are distributed across various categories to ensure fair representation and equal opportunities for all candidates.

UP PCS J Exam 2023 - Reservation Criteria

The reservation criteria for the UP PCS J Exam 2023 are defined by the Uttar Pradesh Judicial Service (Fifth Amendment) Rules, 2022. These rules specify the reservation of vacancies for persons with benchmark disabilities. As per the rules, 4% of the vacancies are reserved for the following categories of disabilities:

  1. Locomotor disability of One Arm, One Leg, and Both Legs
  2. Leprosy-cured person
  3. Dwarfism
  4. Acid attack victims
  5. Low vision
  6. Hard of hearing

Out of the above categories, three posts have been allotted in the sequence of 1, 1, 1 posts. The reservation quota for different categories is as follows:

Reservation CategoryReservation Quota (%)

Candidates claiming reservation or age relaxation must obtain a certificate from the competent authority to support their claim. It is important to note that candidates claiming reservation in more than one category will be entitled to only one concession, whichever is more beneficial to them.

Factors Affecting UP PCS J Vacancy

The vacancy rate in the UP Judiciary is influenced by several factors. These factors contribute to the high vacancy rate and the need for more qualified candidates to join the judiciary. Some of the key factors affecting the vacancy rate are:

1. High Workload

The UP Judiciary faces an immense workload due to the increasing number of cases. The current judges are unable to cope with the demands of the court system, resulting in a high vacancy rate. The backlog of court cases further adds to the workload, highlighting the need for more judges to ensure timely justice.

2. Shortage of Qualified Candidates

One of the primary reasons for the high vacancy rate is the shortage of qualified candidates for the UP Judiciary. Candidates must meet the legal qualifications and possess relevant field experience to be eligible for the positions. The limited pool of qualified candidates contributes to the vacancies in the judiciary.

3. Lack of Infrastructure

The lack of proper infrastructure in the UP Judiciary is another factor affecting the vacancy rate. Insufficient courtrooms, chambers, and other facilities make it challenging to accommodate a large number of cases. The need for better infrastructure is crucial to reducing the vacancy rate and improving the efficiency of the court system.


The UP Judiciary upcoming vacancy in 2024 presents a golden opportunity for individuals aspiring to serve justice and make a difference in society. With over 1340 vacancies expected to be announced, this is an excellent chance to take the first step towards a fulfilling career in the legal field.

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