MP Civil Judge Complete Paper Analysis 2024
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MP Civil Judge Complete Paper Analysis 2024

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The Madhya Pradesh Judicial Services (MPJS) Exam is a prestigious examination conducted to recruit eligible candidates for the Civil Judge post in the Madhya Pradesh Judicial Services. Aspiring candidates need to prepare diligently to excel in this highly competitive exam. To help you plan your preparation effectively, we have compiled a detailed analysis of the MP Civil Judge Prelims Exam 2024 and provided insights into the exam pattern, difficulty level, and important topics. Additionally, we will also discuss the changes introduced in the MP Civil Judge Mains Exam and provide tips for upcoming MPJS Judiciary exams. Let's dive in!


MP Civil Judge Prelims Exam 2024 Analysis

The Madhya Pradesh Civil Judge, Junior Division (Entry Level) Exam conducted on January 14, 2024, garnered attention for its perceived difficulty level. Participants found the law section to be particularly challenging, as it included tricky questions that delved into complex legal concepts, requiring a comprehensive understanding of bare acts. While questions related to minor acts were clear, the case law inquiries proved to be unpredictable, spanning back to 2013 and testing candidates' depth of legal knowledge. The General Knowledge and Current Legal Knowledge segment added an additional layer of difficulty, focusing extensively on national news, demanding candidates to stay abreast of current events in the legal domain.

As candidates reviewed their performance in the Madhya Pradesh Civil Judge Exam 2024, it became evident that the difficulty level might have implications for the cut-off scores. Preliminary analysis suggests that the anticipated cut-off for the general category could fall within the range of 124 to 128. This projection takes into account the challenging nature of the questions across various sections, indicating that candidates who performed well above this range are likely to secure a place in the competitive selection process. The challenging nature of the exam underscores the importance of comprehensive preparation and a thorough understanding of legal concepts and current affairs in navigating the demanding landscape of civil judicial examinations.


MP Civil Judge Prelims Exam 2022 Analysis

The MP Civil Judge Prelims Exam 2022 was conducted on 6th May 2022 in a single shift. The exam was of moderate difficulty overall, with some surprise elements. The Computer and English sections had direct questions, and there were a considerable number of questions asked from the one-liners provided by Judiciary Gold.

Analysis of Major Laws

The MP Civil Judge Prelims Exam 2022 had direct questions from the bare act, based on section numbers and illustrations. The paper was not lengthy, and concept-based questions were relatively less in number. Case laws gained a relatively high weightage in the exam, particularly in subjects such as Negotiable Instrument, Evidence, CPC, DPA, and landmark Gosh cases.

Analysis of Minor and Local Laws

Conceptual knowledge of local laws played a significant role in answering indirect questions. Questions were direct from the Minor Laws sections, and a thorough study of one-liners was enough to answer these questions. Many questions were asked directly from the base act, including section numbers and illustrations.

Analysis of General Knowledge Section

Current affairs came with the highest weightage in the MP Civil Judge Prelims Exam 2022, which is a new trend in the MPJS exam pattern. Questions were asked around various topics such as dogecoin, SpaceX mission, Wimbledon, etc. There were only 2-3 questions from MP GK, while 1-2 questions were from Static GK.

Analysis of English and Computer Sections

A large number of questions were asked from the previous year's question papers, specifically from the years 2010 to 2018. This highlights the importance of practicing previous year question papers to excel in these sections.

MP Civil Judge Mains Exam 2022 Overview

The MP Civil Judge Mains Exam 2022 was expected to be tough, considering the difficulty level of the preliminary examination. The paper was difficult and lengthy overall, posing challenges for students to complete the entire question paper within the given time frame. Time management was found to be a common area of concern among students.

New Changes in MP Civil Judge Mains

There were a few changes observed in the main session paper pattern. Paper 1 and 3 had a total of 20 questions each. The topics of Limitation Act and NIA - minors were asked for 8 marks each. The paper format also deviated from the traditional landscape style to portrait style.

Paper 1

Paper 1 consisted of 20 time-consuming questions, causing difficulties for students with slow writing speed. Two questions were asked from the Limitation Act.

Paper 2

Paper 2, which is generally an essay writing section, was lengthy. The essay topics were "Social and Economic impact of Covid 19 lockdown in India" and "Empowerment of Women." Hindi to English translation was easy, while English to Hindi translation was difficult.

Paper 3

Unexpectedly, questions based on criminal law were asked in Paper 3. Students were expecting questions from maintenance or provisional investigation. The level of difficulty was moderate.

Paper 4

The judgment writing paper was of moderate difficulty. The table below provides an overview of the topics and corresponding questions asked in each of the papers.

SubjectNo. of Questions
MP Accommodation Control Act3
MP Land Revenue Code3
Indian Evidence Act3
Indian Penal Code3
Criminal Law3
Negotiable Instruments Act2
Mixed Questions2

MP Civil Judge Prelims Exam 2021 Highlights

In the MP Civil Judge Prelims Exam 2021, the law section included a total of 110 questions, with topics like CPC being of moderate difficulty and others being relatively easy. There were a few unexpected questions in the exam. A good attempt was considered to be between 92-97 out of 110 questions. The General Knowledge section included 9 static GK questions, 4 Current Affairs questions, and the remaining questions were related to MP GK. Some questions were based on famous personalities. The Computer Knowledge section included questions from basic concepts, abbreviations, and the latest trends. Additionally, in the English section, questions from One Word substitution were introduced in a new pattern.

MP Judiciary Exam Trend Analysis

Over the years, the MP Judiciary Exam has witnessed a high difficulty level, particularly in Procedural law subjects. It is crucial to prepare thoroughly for these subjects as practical questions are frequently asked in the exam. Local laws have relatively less weightage in both prelims and mains exams. The increasing number of registrations each year contributes to the high difficulty level of the exam. Hence, it is essential to prepare strategically to tackle any tricky question that may arise.

MP Civil Judge Cut Off Trends

As observed from the cut-offs of previous years, the cut-off marks have decreased over time as the difficulty level of the exam increased. Here is a comparison of the cut-off marks from previous years:

  1. 2017: 131 out of 150
  2. 2018: 121 out of 150
  3. 2019: 118 out of 150

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary to opt for coaching classes to clear the MP Judiciary Service Examination?

While coaching classes can provide guidance and structured preparation, they are not mandatory to clear the MP Judiciary Service Examination. With self-study, dedication, and the right resources, you can effectively prepare for the exam.

Which newspaper should you follow while preparing for the MP Judiciary exam?

To stay updated with current affairs, it is recommended to follow prominent newspapers like The Hindu, The Indian Express, and Dainik Bhaskar. These newspapers provide comprehensive coverage of national and international news, which is crucial for the General Knowledge section of the MP Judiciary exam.

What are the eligibility criteria for the Madhya Pradesh judicial service examination?

The eligibility criteria for the Madhya Pradesh judicial service examination include:

Age: The candidate must be between 21 and 35 years of age.
Educational Qualification: The candidate must possess a Bachelor's degree in Law from a recognized university.
Nationality: The candidate must be an Indian citizen.

What is the salary in hand of the Madhya Pradesh civil judge at the high court?

The salary of a Madhya Pradesh civil judge at the high court varies based on the pay scale and allowances. On average, the salary ranges from INR 27,700 to INR 44,770 per month.

What is the exam pattern of the Madhya Pradesh judiciary examination 2022?

The Madhya Pradesh judiciary examination consists of three stages: Prelims, Mains, and Interview. The Prelims exam is objective in nature, while the Mains exam is subjective. The detailed exam pattern can be found in the official notification of the MP Judiciary exam.

What is the Madhya Pradesh Civil Judge Cut Off 2023?

The Madhya Pradesh Civil Judge Cut Off 2023 will be determined based on various factors such as the difficulty level of the exam, the number of vacancies, and the performance of the candidates. The cut-off marks will be released by the conducting authority after the completion of the examination.


Preparing for the MP Civil Judge exam requires a comprehensive understanding of the exam pattern, previous year question analysis, and strategic preparation. By analyzing the MP Civil Judge Prelims Exam 2022 and understanding the trends and changes in the exam, you can plan your preparation effectively. Stay updated with current affairs and focus on the important laws and concepts to excel in the exam. Remember, consistency, dedication, and thorough practice are the keys to success in the MP Judiciary exam. For the latest updates and resources, stay connected with Legalstix Law School.

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